Protein Boost!

It is extremely vital for me to incorporate at least one green smoothie into my daily vegan diet. Making my green smoothie is one of the very first things I do upon waking. Sometimes it comes before even brushing my teeth-that’s how excited I am to have my shakes in the morning! I have tried a ton of different protein powders, but today I want to feature all the vegan-friendly ones I have experimented with. Here are the different types/brands of protein that I have used:

  • Vega One Berry flavour: I was not a huge fan of this protein powder to be honest. I found the taste to be extremely artificial tasting, which was quite off-putting for me. It reminded me of the Ensure Protein Shakes, which were given to the elderly or the sick at hospitals. I noticed after reading the label each serving contains 130 mg of sodium. I am unsure as to why there is so much sodium in an all plant-based protein. Lastly, it didn’t blend very well in my shakes-they added a grittiness to my shake which was unappealing. Regular price $59.99, sale price $54.99.
  • Heartland Brown Rice Protein Vanilla flavour: The protein powder blended well into my smoothies and added some substance to them. These smoothies would keep me full for about four hours, which was great to have right before work. Because this protein is strictly brown rice, it doesn’t offer a variety in protein sources. The major downside for me was that this protein is not a protein powder I could have just on its own with water. I tried multiple times, but the taste was too grassy or’s hard to describe exactly. All I know is that my automatic gag reflex was fully aware of every attempt I made to drink it straight up. Regular price $31.99.
    brown rice protein
  • Garden of Life Raw Protein Mangolicious flavour: By far this is my favourite protein powder. The taste is incredible for a protein powder! It has real mango flavoring and lives up to its “mangolicious”name. Every ingredient in it is certified organic and raw, which is the best way to absorb the most protein the plant has to offer. I love this protein powder because it has such a variety of different plant-based proteins. Some of the ingredients include brown rice protein, chlorella, swiss brown mushroom, quinoa sprout, buckwheat sprout, millet sprout, flax sprout, chia sprout, and the list goes on with other amazing healthy sprouts! This protein powder also has the highest serving of protein per scoop, 17 grams, compared to the other two I have tried. Oh and only 1.6 mg of sodium compared to a whopping 130 mg in the Vega One! It blends very well in my smoothies and it is definitely a protein I can have just with water if I’m in rush. Regular price $49.99, sale price $34.99.

    raw protein

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