Top 10 Pantry Staples

Here are my top ten vegan pantry staples:

  1. Quinoa: It is such a healthy and nutrient-rich grain. It is so easy to make and transform into a salad, an entree, or a side dish. I like to cook my quinoa in vegetable broth with a couple bay leaves to add flavour.
  2. Apple cider vinegar: I love to use this in all my homemade salad dressings as the sour component. Apple cider vinegar is also used in natural remedies for heartburn and detoxification.
  3. Almond milk: I never was a big milk drinker before going vegan. I realized I don’t mind the taste of almond milk as much as I did cow’s milk. I like to add it to my green smoothies, or just as a liquid to mix with my raw protein powder.
  4. Flavoured tomato sauce: I have found some really great tasting pasta sauces to add to my pantry. I have tried a roasted garlic pasta sauce, wild mushroom, an arrabiata, which is a spicy tomato sauce. It is extremely easy to add fresh herbs, garlic, onions, and vegetables to add more depth to a jar of pasta sauce.
  5. Brown rice pasta: I always have brown rice pasta on hand, usually a fuscilli. I like to have pasta with a hearty vegetable broth with beets, carrots, and celery. Or I like to make a vegan pasta salad using fuscilli brown rice pasta.
  6. Italian blend seasoning: It is a blend of dry herbs that includes rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, and sage. It is so nice to have it on hand to flavour sautéed vegetables, starches like quinoa or couscous, and vinaigrettes.
  7. Canned chickpeas: I usually always have at least 2-3 cans in my pantry. It is one of my favourite legumes and provides a good amount of fibre to any dish. I like to toss chickpeas in my salads and pasta salads.
  8. Maple syrup: This is one of my new loves! I use maple syrup to counterbalance the tartness from the apple cider vinegar in my vinaigrettes. I also use it in my fruit salads as a natural sweetener.
  9. Extra virgin olive oil: This is the one product I would recommend spending good money. You can definitely taste the difference between a cheap and expensive olive oil. It is important to use a good quality one because it adds a dimension of flavour to your vegetables when sautéing or roasting, and to vinaigrettes.
  10. Sweet potatoes: I love roasted sweet potatoes. It is so easy to make and all I use to dress it  is a good olive oil and italian seasoning. You can also boil or steam the potatoes and then turn it into a sweet potato mash flavoured with vegan butter and garlic.

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