Progress Report #8





  1. How many days of adopting a vegan diet have I accomplished?
    I am on my 170th day of eating vegan. I am at my 6 month mark now, and I am feeling great. I am still shocked I have not slipped off track one bit! 🙂

  2. How do I feel today?
    Today I feel well. Now that I am done with school for the holidays, I am able to catch up on sleep, my friends, life, and just reenergize. As well, I can really focus my energy and time on physiotherapy for an injury that happened from a car accident two months ago. I have been doing physio twice a week for the last month, so it really has been consuming all the free time I had for myself. Now that I am on break, I can breathe again 🙂
  3. How is my energy level?
    My energy level has been depleted the last few days. Finals ended on Saturday, and since then I have been sleeping a solid 10 hours each night. I know my body is trying to catch up on all the sleep I lost during the final weeks of the semester, so I am being patient and allowing myself as much rest as it needs.

  4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how prevalent are my Lupus symptoms? Joints? Skin? Fatigue? Kidneys?

    My rating: 2-3

    Joints: My joint pains and morning stiffness have been more noticeable with the cold weather. It is sometimes a challenge in the morning doing things with my hands, but by mid-morning I am good to go.

    Skin: The rashes on my scalp have been extremely noticeable the last few weeks, which I know is related to how much stress I have been under with school and work. I did bring this issue up to my Rheumatologist but he explained it was one of the side effects of the steroids I am taking.

    Fatigue: My fatigue levels have been really prevalent the last few days, but again I know it is because I barely slept last week during final exams. I am sure it will start to mellow out in a week or so. Kidneys: I am still experiencing swelling in my legs when I have a meal that has too much sodium. I talked to my Nephrologist about this problem, and she suggested I just watch what I eat. I explained I’m already on a vegan diet, so most of the food I have has very little salt. She also recommended another medication to help with the swelling, but I haven’t tried it yet. 

  5. Have I displayed any new symptoms? Good or bad.
    No new symptoms to report this week.

  6. How long have I been back on my steroids?
    It has been 82 days. My Nephrologist increased my kidney steroid dose a month ago, I am doing weekly blood work to monitor it and see if it interacts negatively with my liver, like it did the first time. I have a 24 hour urine collection due at the end of the month to see whether or not the protein levels in my urine have decreased with the higher dose. If it hasn’t, my Nephrologist wants to switch me to a new, stronger steroid. I am uneasy about this, because switching to new steroids is always problematic. You never know how your body will react, and if it will adjust slowly or quickly.
  7. Have I learned anything new to adopt in my natural approach?
    The last month I have been so consumed with school, work, and physio that I have not had the time to make all the vegan meals I love to cook. I have been opting for eating out and quick on-the-run food, because I have been so busy. I can’t wait for the holidays because I plan on experimenting a bit with traditional holiday dishes and veganizing them! I will definitely share them on my blog, once I have perfected the recipe.